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MEDREG Action Plan 2013 - 2015
MEDREG Annual Report 2012
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6th World Forum on Energy Regulation
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  • MEDREG Action Plan 2013 - 2015
    MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the latest version of
    MEDREG Action Plan for 2013/2015
  • MEDREG Annual Report 2012
    MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the Annual Report
  • MedregNews is online!
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  • 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation
    will be held on 25-28 May, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey The website of WFER VI is now on air. For more information, please visit
  • MEDREG is supported by the
    European Union
Supported by the
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Pursuant to the Energy Regulatory Roundtable jointly organised by MEDREG and CEER, Mediterranean Energy Regulators are pleased to share with you the related publication "MEDREG PAPERS n.1". This booklet present a summary of the event, with the key messages delivered by regulatory authorities, representatives of the industry as well as financial institutions interested in the Euro-Mediterranean energy sector. The roundtable aimed at advancing the discussion on what lessons can be drawn from the EU experience regarding energy regulation, notably as regards the independence of NRAs, and which best regulatory practices for the infrastructure investments could be implemented in the Mediterranean basin.

Download MEDREG PAPERS n.1

Economic and Technical Aspects of the Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

, in cooperation with ERRA, organized a training course on the economic and technical aspects of the deployment of renewable energy sources, held in Budapest (Hungary) on 3-5 March 2014.
The course was dedicated to regulatory staff from Mediterranean countries and counted 16 participants. Mixing theoretical formation with concrete examples and discussion among participants, the course allowed MEDREG members to advance together in the discussion on how to implement RES plans in the Mediterranean countries.

For more information, please download the programme and the participants list here.
16th MEDREG General Assembly meeting

The French city of Grasse hosted the 16th MEDREG General Assembly (GA) on 19 November 2013. The meeting was the occasion to approve the new institutional framework of the Association, including the updated statutes and internal rules. Participants revised the challenges and best practices that characterize the integration of renewable energy sources in isolated systems throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as discussed upcoming MEDREG training and capacity-building activities, with the aim to enhance knowledge exchange among and within members. This GA also marked the progress of MEDREG work on consumer issues, with the discussion of the state of the art on consumer information and education practices in member countries.
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