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MEDREG Action Plan 2014 - 2016
MEDREG Annual Report 2013
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6th World Forum on Energy Regulation
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  • MEDREG Action Plan 2014 - 2016
    MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the latest version of
    MEDREG Action Plan for 2014/2016
  • MEDREG Annual Report 2013
    MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the Annual Report
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  • 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation
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  • MEDREG is supported by the
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MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets, the European Commission came up with several proposals, in the perspective of the establishment of an EU-Southern Mediterranean energy community. This long term process will require the active involvement of all the concerned actors (political, economic, and regulatory) to pull and work together in the same direction.

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MEDREG-ECRB roundtable
The Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) and the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) held their first joint roundtable on September 16, 2014 in Athens, Greece.
The meeting discussed promotion of energy investments and consumer protection, which are key priorities both for the Balkan and the Mediterranean regions.
The roundtable was co-chaired by the ECRB President, Branislav Prelevic, and the MEDREG President, Michel Thiollière.

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MEDREG Forum - Mediterranean Forum on Energy Regulation
Mediterranean countries are facing unprecedented challenges in the energy sector which affect the whole region. Energy regulation is key to tackle these challenges and foster the socio-economic development by providing favourable conditions for infrastructure investments, improving security of supply and protecting consumers.

MEDREG, the only association representing independent public authorities in the electricity and gas sector, launches the first edition of this Forum dedicated to "Regulation & Investments: Solutions for the Mediterranean Region” to be held on 26 November 2014 in Barcelona (Spain).

The Forum will be the occasion to review the current state of thinking on the relationship between energy regulation and investments, to identify the main challenges and risks and see how they can be addressed both at regional and sub-regional level. The expected outcomes are concrete and practical proposals for energy regulation in the Mediterranean.

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MEDREG Annual Report 2013-2014

Mediterranean energy regulators are glad to share with you their  Annual Report for 2013. Last year MEDREG welcomed Libya as the twenty-first member country of the Association. The European Commission has renewed its confidence in the Association by signing a new three-year contract with MEDREG. MEDREG has strengthened its institutional framework, revising Statutes and Internal Rules.  MEDREG has consolidated the relationship of trust established with the Italian energy regulator (AEEGSI), which hosts the Secretariat of MEDREG in Milan (Italy), and has fulfilled its commitments with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia finalizing the first part of the IMME programme, aimed at the integration of electricity markets in the Maghreb. As an Association gathering regulators, MEDREG aims to build concrete relationships with partners that are key to develop a network. Two examples of this attitude concern the partnership agreement MEDREG signed with Med-TSO, the Association of electricity transmission system operators in the Mediterranean, and the invitation by the Union for the Mediterranean to present the work of the Association at the Ministerial Energy Meeting in Brussels at the end of 2013. 

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