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Training activities constitute one of MEDREG’s main tools to promote the exchange of know-how and expertise among Mediterranean regulators. They contribute to creating and sharing a common approach towards energy regulation in the region.


To effectively reach its goal, MEDREG applies a holistic approach to training activities, addressing the needs of the diverse functions and expertise levels of Mediterranean regulators’ staff as well as offering references to practical decision-making cases that can provide insights into the successes and challenges of fellow regulators. The exchange of good regulatory practices among countries keeps regulators’ experiences at the centre of MEDREG’s training sessions, ensuring a cooperative atmosphere of peer-learning as well as a concrete transfer of knowledge between members. Additionally, MEDREG exposes its trainees to the views of scholars, international institutions and energy industry professionals so as to enrich and question regulators’ perspectives

Mediterranean Energy Regulators intend to develop and consolidate a strategic axis and become the point of reference for and promoter of technical cooperation, data consolidation, research and scientific coordination and general support to energy governance.

15 - 16 October 2019
MEDREG workshop to CREG: MEDREG Training for the Algerian Electricity Regulator CREG
CREG's mission relating to the performance of Public Service Obligations (PSOs) is to ensure that the provisions of the Algerian law are properly implemented. This dedicated 2-day training session for CREG staff will have a twofold objective: it will provide information on the design and imposition of PSOs as well as on the activities, procedures, methods and instruments and it will give an overview of the methods and practices used in the Mediterranean countries and how they could be adapted to Algeria.
10 - 12 December 2019
MEDREG - Med-TSO Joint Training on the Regulation of Infrastructure Investment
10 - 12 June 2019
Mediterranean Energy Regulatory staff got trained on the Scope and Role of Regulation

From 10 to 12 June, 18 regulatory staff from 10 different Energy Regulatory Authorities members of MEDREG participated in Milan to a 3-day-training organised by MEDREG on the topic of the Scope and Role of Regulation.

3 - 5 December 2018
Mediterranean and Eastern European Regulators get trained to monitor electricity markets

Regulators’ roles and responsibilities in the process of developing effective markets is of critical importance. Abuse of market power along with the proper implementation of the legislation is one of the main issues that energy regulators have to closely monitor and supervise. Proper market monitoring is therefore a necessity in the context of electricity markets, although it faces a considerable obstacle: the calculation of the correct cost of a generation unit, which is difficult and which can be done in an arbitrary way.

18-21 September 2018,
Setting of tariffs
As part of its support activities to members, MEDREG organised a training for its members on “Setting of Tariffs” on 18-21 September 2018 in Milan (Italy) which saw the participation of 19 regulatory experts from Albania, Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and Turkey.
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