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January 2019
Regulatory options for the stimulation of infrastructure investments
Fact finding and review of challenges in investment in infrastructure
This report assesses the level of development of power systems and to identify priorities and challenges for the stimulation of relevant investments.
To properly stimulate investments in the Mediterranean region, MEDREG makes the following priority recommendations:
  • Clarify the institutional architecture at national level
  • Improve investment planning capacity:
  • Ensure a proper level of transparency and know-how
  • Build upon regulators’ competences
  • March 2018
    Towards a MEDREG Electricity Market Observatory
    The MEMO is a periodic assessment, with a time span of three years each, which studies the evolution of Mediterranean national electricity markets. Over a period of one decade, the MEMO helped regulators understanding the evolution of the regional energy markets, allowing a comparison of 11 indicators that assess the status of the regulatory progress and national market establishment in MEDREG countries.
    In 2017, the overall level of progress in all eleven indicators is around 80%. Three indicators scored higher than 94%, which are Legislative & regulatory framework (96%), Regulations (94%), and Technical and commercial rules and arrangements (95%). On the other hand, the lowest score was 59% for Imports and Exports. These results indicate a huge success over the previous reports published in 2010 and 2014.
    The findings obtained from this report show that the first step towards the establishment of a regional electricity market is the harmonization of internal market rules; reinforcements of interconnections, as the physical medium of the market, are in progress in different countries.
    January 2017
    Performance Indicators and penalties applicable to generators in case of failure
    Security of supply is a high priority topic for National Regulatory Authorities for energy (NRAs); more specifically, the issue of generation availability is a well discussed topic in many countries of the South shore of the Mediterranean region. In those countries, with the objective to deliver sustainable and secure energy, it is clear that security of supply is mainly based on the generation performances and efficient use of existing generation. The report also aims at defining and specifying the role of the regulator with respect to the producers’ performance evaluation as well as sharing best practices in the field of production failures. At national level, the study aims at providing the most appropriate indicators and corresponding standards to MEDREG’s members to evaluate production performance. Meanwhile at regional level, the aim is to enhance data quality by comparing and sharing reliable data for benchmarking.
    January 2017
    Twinning Workshop Conclusions
    This conclusion document provides an update of the state of play and way forward of the regulatory twinning initiatives in the Mediterranean region which was presented at a workshop held in Milan on 18 October 2016. Currently, there are of the two on-going twinning initiatives taking place in the Mediterranean region on energy regulation: EgyptERA (Egypt), RAE (Greece), AEEGSI (Italy) and CREG (Algeria), CNMC (Spain), E-Control (Austria). This document summarises the components, timeline and benefits for beneficiary country (BC) and suggests the role that MEDREG could play in the future to support its members of the south shore of the Mediterranean in twinning initiatives.
    June 2015
    ELE WG - Mediterranean Electricity Markets Observatory (Memo) Part 2 – Regional electricity markets
    The MEDREG Electricity Working Group (ELE WG) decided to set up a Mediterranean Electricity Markets Observatory (MEMO) in order to assess the progress in establishing and integrating national and (sub)regional markets. The MEMO relies on a periodical survey filled in every three years by MEDREG members since 2007. This report assesses the status and recent developments with regards to e.g. international trade priorities, (sub)regional market structures and transmission rights. To achieve a clear state of play for the Mediterranean countries, a questionnaire was sent to all MEDREG members and 15 responses were collected. The next update of the report on regional markets is planned in 3 years-time (publication in 2018).
    June 2013
    Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation on Quality of Supply within Distribution Grids in MedReg Countries
    The ELE Working Group studied quality of supply in MEDREG countries. It benchmarked quality of supply and evaluated the performance of supply within distribution grids. The aim of this report is to investigate MEDREG members' experiences concerning the distribution system, namely in the measurement and indicators used to evaluate the performance of the grids.
    June 2012
    Master Plan towards Regional Market
    Preamble Based on the MedReg Action plan (2010-2012), the Electricity Ad Hoc Group (ELE Group) aims to carry out work needed towards the eventual development of an electricity master plan within MEDREG member countries. This work should be made jointly with the Mediterranean Electricity Ring (MEDRING) and other interconnections projects. Therefore, ELE Group is to prepare a master plan for energy and interconnection expansion that reflects the approach of Regulators, as agreed among MedReg members. Objective and Scope of Work The main objective and scope of this report is to establish a strategy and a master plan for the development of electricity trade among MedReg countries through regional integration which focuses on the regulatory bodies views. It will concentrate on the institutional and regulatory aspects of cross-border trade and electricity market integration among the MedReg Countries. However, the MedReg member countries’ posse different levels of internal market structure and design development, as well as various interconnection maturities, which add to the burden of harmonized electricity interconnection in the MedReg territories. Therefore, to achieve this goal, studies had been conducted and others still undergoing to assess the potential of energy integration in the MedReg region based on existing geographical subregions; the South (Maghreb Countries), North (EU MedReg Countries), and in between (EIJLLPST Countries). These sub-regions will hopefully integrate to form a regional electricity market based on a harmonized regional market structure and design.
    December 2011
    Summary assessment: survey on the legal framework for management of electricity interconnection in the Mediterranean region
    The aim of this report was to draw up a comprehensive picture of the management of interconnections in electricity in the Mediterranean region and to provide a basis for developing common recommendations on the regulatory issues related to cross border interconnections in electricity in the Mediterranean Basin. A questionnaire was prepared and circulated to INS and ELE Group members.
    November 2008
    Report on interconnection rules and practices for MEDREG countries
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